CNS Drash Guidelines

Guidelines to Darshan/Darshanit

  • Drashot are delivered every Shabbat morning unless a Chag falls on a Shabbat; in this case there will not be a drash.
  • All Bnei Mitzvah at Netivot Shalom deliver the drash on the Shabbat morning of their celebration, unless this is postponed or excused for cause by the Amitim director and Rabbi Levy. Every Bnei Mitzvah is listed on the public CNS schedule on our website. The Amitim staff coordinates all communications with Bnei Mitzvah families.

Writing your drash

  • A drash should generally be about 10 minutes long (approx. 1,000 words, or four doublespaced pages, 12pt font).
  • Please email Rabbi Levy ( a brief summary of your drash by the Wednesday before their scheduled Shabbat, so that she is aware of the topic. Inform Rabbi Levy well in advance if the topic is not rooted in the week’s parsha/haftorah.
  • Netivot Shalom affirms the use of Hebrew in drashot. We encourage darshanim to use the Hebrew names of Biblical people, places and books during drashot. However, please also use English pronunciation/translation at first use.
  • All Jewish adults called to the bimah, including darshanim, are to wear tallit and head cover.
  • Resources

    • A diaspora calendar listing the weekly parshot is downloadable at
    • Some online resources for parsha commentaries include:

    • Selections from some past Netivot Shalom drashot are printed in Paths of Torah and some drashot are archived on the synagogue website at: Our wonderful shul library is also available.
    • Rabbi Levy is glad to meet with members to support their drash preparation. Please request an appointment well in advance of the drash date. Please contact Cynthia Whitehead, Drash Coordinator at if you would like support from an experienced congregant to on a paid or volunteer basis.
    • We encourage those who have not previously given drashot to do so. New voices are always welcome.

    After your drash

    • After you have given your drash, you are invited to send it to the drash coordinator at: to be archived on the synagogue website. Drashot are not emailed to the congregation.

    What makes Netivot Shalom such a vibrant home of Torah is the creativity and originality of our members.

    • Giving a drash is a privilege of membership in the Congregation Netivot Shalom community, except under special circumstances.
    • On the special occasion of a visiting scholar, the drash is likely to be delivered by the scholar.
    • To be eligible to deliver a drash on the Yamim Noraim, the member must have delivered a Shabbat drash during the prior two years and may not have given a Yamim Noraim drash during the previous five years.
    • Please contact Rabbi Levy ( and the Adult Education Committee ( for any questions.