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Please be sure to take a close look at our compilation of Antiracism resources and actions. 

Archive of events for Yamim Noraim 5781.

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The Netivot Shalom Kashrut Policy explains our guidelines for food prepared at Netivot Shalom and food brought in from elsewhere.

Preparing a Kiddush provides a lot of ideas and helpful information for sponsoring a Kiddush at Netivot Shalom.

Please refer to the Kosher Caterers and Bakeries list if you would like to hire a caterer or bring fresh-baked goods for an event at Netivot Shalom.

Our Drashot Archives include many of the drashot delivered at our shul over the years

Congregation Netivot Shalom Environmental Policy Statement We shall strive to incorporate sustainability into our core operations through internal and external efforts. Click here for more information