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Email to the community 06/21/2021 – This is subject to change, please check our emails for updates

Our Covid Committee has been hard at work throughout the pandemic, devising effective strategies to keep our community as safe as possible.  The Committee consists of staff and lay leaders, as well as medical and public health professionals.  Recently, restrictions have been lifted, both locally and state-wide. We also reviewed the results of our survey, which indicated that most of our members are looking forward to returning to in-person services, and that over 98% of our adult membership has been fully vaccinated.   If you have not yet received a vaccination, we strongly encourage you to follow the advice of your medical professionals and receive a vaccination if eligible. As a result of the changing circumstances, the Covid Committee has adopted new rules, effective immediately.  Please note, these rules apply only to healthy adults and children.  If you are sick with any type of symptoms , whether or not they are associated with Covid, please stay at home.

Shabbat Services We are returning to our normal Shabbat Services. There will be no need for pre-registration. There will be seating both indoors and outdoors. People who have been vaccinated (two weeks after the final vaccine) and children under 12 years old are invited to sit in the sanctuary. All others, or those uncomfortable sitting inside in a large group, can sit outside in the courtyard or attend services via zoom.  Masks are required for everyone. We will not require social distancing, but encourage you to continue to practice social distancing where possible.  ​​​​​​​We will continue to offer services online through zoom.

Kiddush We will not be having kiddush yet, but plan to begin having kiddushim in the near future.  When we do start having kiddush, and for the foreseeable future, a light kiddush snack will be allowed, with only finger foods (i.e., cookies, crackers, fruit, cheese, etc.). All food will be pre-plated, or serving utensils will be provided and must be used. Drinks are allowed.  All food and drink must be served and consumed out of doors. Everyone must dispose of their own dishes, cups, napkins, etc.  

Youth Programs Children are welcome to sit in services with their parents (with masks).  When youth programs are provided, they will be held out of doors, either at The Berkeley School or at a nearby park.  When childcare for preschool age children is provided, it will be in the Preschool Yard.  No snacks will be provided.

Meetings/classes Masks are required for everyone attending any meeting or class at the building.  There is no eating or drinking allowed indoors. Only those vaccinated or children under 12 may attend any meeting or class in the building.Groups meeting in the building are welcome to bring their own equipment and manage remote participation.  There is no staff or equipment available to offer hybrid participation for meetings and classes.We strongly encourage each class and committee to poll its members/participants to determine whether to return to in-person sessions or to remain on zoom.

Office We will soon be having office hours should you need to come by the building. Masks are required for entry into the building. Anyone volunteering at the building must be fully vaccinated (two weeks after the final vaccine). Hours will be announced in a separate email.

High Holy Days The Covid Committee has formulated a preliminary set of guidelines for High Holy Days! These are subject to change as the Holy Days approach.  Regular services will take place in both the Sanctuary and Social Hall. We will not require pre-registration, but will admit ticket holders only.  The Covid Committee will make a decision as to whether masks will be required closer to the Holy Days.  As with Shabbat Services, all vaccinated congregants and those under 12 are invited to sit inside. There will be limited seating in the courtyard. Those that are unvaccinated, or uncomfortable in a large group, can sit outside or attend via zoom. We plan to have zoom feeds of services from both the sanctuary and social hall. At this time, it is anticipated that only members in good standing will be allowed to attend. Depending on the number of in-person tickets requested, we may allow members to purchase tickets for their immediate family (i.e., adult children).

We all rejoice for the return to some semblance of normalcy.  But we remain cautious — these rules are subject to change.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

The Covid Committee
Tamar Fendel
Katya Gerwein, M.D.
Brenda Goldstein
Rebecca Goodman
Judy Hahn, PhD., M.A.
Serena Heaslip
Rabbi Chai Levy
Lynne Yellenberg
Ken Schnur

Caring for Each Other and Staying Connected

While we are physically apart from each other, we are supporting each other during this challenging time. We have set up a Buddy system to stay connected and help each other out. Students home from school are most welcome to join. Can you help? Please fill out this google form and we’ll be in touch with details. Need help? Please fill out this google form and we’ll be in touch with support. If you don’t like google forms, please reach out to Elana Naftalin-Kelman at for more information or to sign up. Let’s take care of each other now more than ever!

If you would like to arrange a virtual meeting or receive pastoral care via Zoom with Rabbi Chai Levy, please email

Other Ways You Can Help

We know that people will be impacted financially by this pandemic. If you’d like to make a donation to the Rabbi’s Discretionary fund, please click here and choose Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund from the drop-down menu. Rabbi Chai will direct your donation to those impacted by Coronavirus.

If you have technological expertise in Zoom, live-streaming, or videography that would be helpful to our community at this time, please contact and let us know how you can help out.

If you have other ideas for ways you’d like to help create connection and support in our community, please let us know at

Please continue to follow the recommendations provided by the CDC and the California Department of Public Health . We are grateful to the collective effort and sacrifice that so many are making to keep our communities safe and healthy, and we wish you all the best in this challenging time. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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