V’ten b’libeinu l’havin, l’haskil, lishmoah,
Lilmod, u’lelamed, lishmor, v’la’asot
U’likayem et kol divrei talmud toratecha b’ahava
V’haer einenu b’toratecha…
Inspire our hearts to understand, to think, to listen,
to learn, and to teach, to safeguard, and to do
and to establish all the teachings of your Torah with love.
And light up our eyes with your Torah…
Ahavah Rabbah, daily liturgy
Netivot Shalom’s Preschool is guided by these visions articulated in the above prayer, Ahava Rabbah.
L’Havin (to Understand): Every day is infused with rich Hebrew language experiences. Children learn Hebrew through singing, playing, reading, writing, and tefillah (prayer) as well as from teachers who speak with them in fluent Hebrew.
Lishmoah (to Listen): Through an emphasis on listening and respecting one another, our children, teachers, and parents build a cohesive community where we celebrate our differences and value each person as a unique individual.
Lilmod (to Learn): Rich Jewish content is an integral part of each child’s experience at Netivot Shalom’s preschool. Daily activities such as music, art, movement, tefillah (prayer), brachot (blessings), stories, holidays, values, nature/science, cooking, and imaginary play are each vehicles for integrating Jewish content into everyday activities.
Lishmor (to Safeguard): Our preschool provides a safe, warm, nurturing place where children develop emotionally, socially, cognitively, and physically. The environment embodies the values of Congregation Netivot Shalom, which is a Conservative, egalitarian, and progressive community.
La’asot (to Do): Our children learn by doing. The developmentally‐appropriate play‐based program supports and encourages creativity, independence, and positive social interaction. Each day’s activities provide opportunities for hands‐on learning and discovery.
Talmud Toratecha b’Ahava (Study Torah with Love): At Netivot Shalom’s preschool we foster a love of Torah and Jewish life. Our tradition and its wisdom “inspire our hearts” and “light up our eyes.”